new office access system is coming!

Kleinhafen is joining a new pilot project from SBB and Village Office. The project consists of extending the use cases of Swiss Pass cards as electronic key to open doors. For this purpose as of October 15th we will retire Danalock smartlock and move to the new door system with Swiss Pass entry.

We are asking you to fill the form at your convenience. 

If you don't have a Swiss Pass, SBB will reimburse the cost of the card (10 CHF) during the pilot program. You can get it from SBB and please bring us the proof of purchase for the reimbursement.

Please fill in the form below until October 10th.

Name *
The code is located on the back of the card
If you don't have a Swiss Pass
No problem. Please visit the nearest SBB ticket office or BVB office to get your Swiss Pass card (10 CHF). The cost of the card will be reimbursed by the project partners. Please write us to apply for temporary card!