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Sunday Kitchen: How to roast chicken like a boss!

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Subing spends a lot of time (i.e. intellectual time) thinking on food. He constructs, reflects, debates for every dish. When he prepares dishes at Kleinhafen for catering or events, every service is like a project; as we call him the food architect.

We were once talking on what to do in Kleinhafen with food. He said, there is one dish that i cooked so many times that i am fully confident: chicken. He treats the fowl with great care and serves with joyful side dishes. On this particular sunday, we open our Kleinhafen kitchen to curious amateurs who would like to learn how to prepare chicken and afterwards eat and drink altogether in our friendly community.

Participation fee: Fair price (minimum 36 CHF – includes drinks with full course dinner) 
Maximum: 15 people