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Dialogue Evening: Gender Equality

  • Kleinhafen 14 Südquaistrasse Basel, BS, 4057 Switzerland (map)

What's collaboratio helvetica?
We invite people to join spaces for open and deep dialogue, exploring the biggest challenges of our time, unleashing our collective potential for sustainable solutions that will transform people, organisations and systems.
We organize journeys where we address and explore social challenges (=Quests) together with unlikely allies, to find solutions that tackle the root, rather than fight the symptoms.

What's a Dialogue Evening?
A Dialogue Evening is a simple 3h format with basic rules, such as speak from the I and deep listening, through which any group can explore a topic that matters to them and the society they are embedded in. 

What's this event about?
The question we are interested in is: “How can we, as individuals and organisations, at the forefront of societial change, fully pratice and embody Gender Equality" 
This is an invitation to everybody intrigued to explore a dialogue that goes deep into the topic of Gender Equality, and to explore it with a diverse group of people from all kinds of backgrounds. 

Where does this topic come from?
While Switzerland has closed the gender gap in many areas, Swiss cultural norms still have an influence on the roles that men and women play in society. We therefore observe a gender gap, driven by structural elements along with behavioral responses to expectations, as follows:

1. Switzerland has one of the shortest lengths of paid maternal leave amongst OECD countries, and very high costs of childcare. Paternity leave is inexistant, Why?
2. Women still take on two-thirds of domestic work, while men are expected to bear the brunt of earnings for their family.
3. There is a persistent gender pay gap, and fewer women exercising managerial functions.

This reality no longer corresponds to the wishes and aspirations of many men and women, especially the younger generations. There is a huge opportunity to break through the remaining barriers and establish new cultural norms regarding gender roles and leadership. 

What, when?
the 23rd of November from 18.00 - 21.00
Kleinhafen coworking, in Basel
There will be some snacks and something to drink. 

Any questions?
Has this sparked a light in you, we would be very happy to get a reply from you, so we can create the best space possible. If you need anything, reach out to: