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Service Design Thinking – "To Become an Expert" Focus Workshop

What are the challenges?

Customer requirements are becoming increasingly complex, the market offers are becoming more and more diverse, so you have to think ahead and innovatively and creatively. Design Thinking Process is a human-centered approach with the aim of developing new services and products. The focus is on understanding the needs of the people. Creativity occurs in many forms and flows in the individual, iterative phases.

In this workshop, you will go through individual phases for service design thinking with an example or participant project using innovative methods such as Wallet Project of Stanford University and Lego® Serious Play® method.

How does Design Thinking Process work?

The basic ideas of Design Thinking Process are based on

  • active user observations
  • a process structure with iterations
  • various team members
  • an inspiring spatial design

Target audience

  • - Startups, Pioneers, innovative leaders and managers
  • - Teams from from development, marketing and product management
  • - Consultants

Thursday, February 9th 1830-2130
Evening Session
Participation to the Evening Session is free of charge.

  • Registration
  • What is Service Design Thinking Process
  • Building up a point of view (Framing the problem)
  • Apéro and Networking

Friday, February 10th 0930-1700
Saturday, February 11th 0930-1700
Two-day Certificate Workshop

  • Building up each unique components of the Service Design Thinking
  • Visualising and testing complex relationships of the components
  • Creating your own action plan (single or in group)

Certificate Workshop Fees

Startups/Pioneers: 275 CHF
Industry Participants: 650 CHF
Kleinhafen Coworking Members: 75% off (162.50 CHF)

Registration and tickets: Eventbrite