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Business Model Canvas Workshop using Lego® Serious Play®

This interactive workshop introduces Lego® Serious Play® method applied on Business Model Canvas. You, or your team, build up your unique Business Model Canvas using authentic ’hands-on’ method of Lego® Serious Play®.

You will build up i.e. key activities and value proposition with distinguishable approach using Lego® bricks. The differences with the paper canvas will clearly be visible brick by brick. With Lego® Serious Play®, each customer segment will align better and each component will establish a stronger connection. You will test these qualities, content and inventory and develop your business model with success. The outcomes from the Lego® Serious Play® Business Model Canvas workshop will lead you towards the next action steps for your business.

How does Lego® Serious Play® work?
In Lego® Serious Play® your thoughts and ideas are presented as concrete elements with haptic 3D models. Access to tacit knowledge, the use of metaphors and storytelling generate different perspectives on each task.


Target audience

  • Startups, Pioneers Innovative leaders and managers
  • Marketing and/or Product management
  • Consultants
  • Students

Friday, January 27th 1830-2130
Evening Session

Participation to the Evening Session is free of charge.

  • Registration
  • Goals for Business Model Canvas
  • Introduction to Lego® Serious Play®
  • Group exercise for Value Proposition component of Lego® Serious Play® Business Model Canvas
  • Apéro and Networking

Saturday, January 28th 0930-1700
Full-day Certificate Workshop

  • Building up each unique components of the Lego® Serious Play® Business Model Canvas
  • Visualising and testing complex relationships of the components
  • Creating your own action plan (single or in group)

Certificate Workshop Fees

Startups/Pioneers: 150 CHF
Industry Participants: 220 CHF
Kleinhafen Coworking Members: 75% off (112.50 CHF)

Registration and tickets: Eventbrite