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THE RIP-OFF: Invitation to the Pitching Session for a film on con artists

Axel Breuer, movie producer of documentaries and commercials for Cartier, Qatar Airways, BMW and many others will present his new project - a documentary about Con Artists. The project will cover people like Frank Abagnale, the real "Catch me if you can" personality; Viktor Lustig, who sold the Eiffel Tower twice and conned Al Capone, Bernie Madoff, Donald Trump and many others. 

While the movie project is in the state movie funding pipeline Axel Breuer and his crew are seeking private movie aficionados, donors and even investors aiming at Return on Investment. The pitching session will include a video presentation of the project, a great presentation of the world’s best Con Artists and a deeper look at the workings of film production. 

While the event is free the producers are happy to accept any contribution to the project between 10 and 10 million Swiss Francs (with limited offer for property shares in Moon with authentic Earth view or pixels on the internets). 

We will share more information in the coming days in our social media platforms!
See you in Kleinhafen!